Kenny (WookieP) Burchett

Born and raised on the planet Ashashua, WookieP has always taken a great interest in the art of drumming. Growing up in Super Bon Bon city was an interesting lifestyle for the boy, he was raised in a sometimes very strict environment, yet at the same time there was always a not strict enough presence. Anyway, at the age of 3 he started banging on pots and pans trying to get a grip on his thoughts through the mythical force of "rhythm". By the time he was 13 years of age he and had gotten his first drumkit, and all the townspeople thought he was mad, and had come from the dimensional portal err something...The desire to play this beautiful instrument grew stronger and stronger for this young man, he and his brother would play night and day, and dream of one day building a rocket powered Pinto to fly to the farthest moons of Ashashua. Now at the age of 23 he is determined to show the world his talent at all costs with no set backs this time!! He has a six yr. old son (Dustin) who is a genius and is almost smarter than his pops already! Dustin enjoys talking with his daddy about Ashashua and about what 16,743 times 5,455 divided by 123, add 16 and times that by 320 to the second power +1!! WookieP enjoys hanging out with his woman friend (The unstoppable Hollarama!) and his son, among other Ashashuaian folk. WookieP also enjoys playing useless video games, and making useless websites. Meeting up with good ol Bert and "the conqueror" has given WookieP a new interesting perspective on things and hopes to take his talent to it's full potential....Oh yeah one small detail, WookieP is also the ambassador of the planet Ashashua.

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Ashashuaian Drummer terms are as follows...

#1 Geesch!: Cymbals and Snare drum mixed

#2 Sicka Sicka: Opening and closing hi-hat

#3 Booosh: Bass drum and cymbal roll mixed

#4 Doo Doo: Bass drum by itself

#5 Bada Bada Boom: Tom Toms followed by bass drum

#6 CAW!: Snare drum by itself (And the ravens call)

Kenny (WookieP) Burchett's personal home page is:

Photo taken by Holly Page  :)

Most frequent question people ask WookieP: "In the picture on the main page in the tunnel, why are you so far back there?"

       WookieP's answer: " Because most often in any band the drummer is usually the least rocognized :)"

          Geesch Geesch Geesch!!!


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