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The band....

AUDIOFLOOD, Colorado's newest collection of magnets and transistors, bring a strong wave of Spazz rock with crushing riffs and hand selected strategies built to make your ears bleed. The band consists of three individuals, Bert Maple, Kenny Burchett, and "The Conqueror Of Europe", each with their own unique style of harmonic expression, but with the unified purpose of shaking the ground you walk on.... A Suburban Backhills Nightmare ------The Two Sides Of Lake.......

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Bert Maple

(Guitars, Vocals, Synth)

Kenny Burchett

(Drums, Percussion)

"Conqueror Of Europe"

(Bass, Vocals)

Song lyrics (click to view)

Family For Sale

       Slip The Night       

Return Of The Washout

Me VS Me

Little London

Broken Call

Behind The Scenes Actress

    Generous Empty

Suburban Backhills Nightmare


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"The Ballistics Of Electricity", Audioflood's debut CD, avaliable from upcoming shows check out our links  mp3s

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